7 Ways Londoners Can Rediscover London

For those who have lived in London their entire life, they may think they have seen and done it all. However, there are a number of hidden treasures and exciting things to experience that you have likely never heard or seen before. Exploring the country in this new, undiscovered way, allows you to uncover an entirely new part of London you may have never known existed. Learn more here and find seven new ways that Londoners can rediscover their own backyard.

Visit the Linley Sambourne House for a Victorian Twilight Encounter

Take a trip back in time to a different era of London gentry. As the servants at the Linley Sambourne house prepare to serve dinner, you will find an unexpected intrusion occurs, unraveling a tale of deceit and scandal behind the closed doors. The actors intermingle with the guests, providing a real life experience of old-time London during the Victorian age. You will find original furniture from the era is present, along with an entire environment that embodies this period of time. Chances are you have never had a chance to experience old-time London before and this event is one you are sure to remember.

Experience a National Gallery Gig

Each Wednesday you can enjoy genteel harp/string quartet live music and talks in the Sainsbury Wing foyer. One such talk you can experience is the “Picture in Focus” talk, which will take a look at a single piece of art in depth, or you can partake of smaller, ten-minute talks on various topics. At this gallery, you can also attend the monthly events that are in place to enhance the “Renaissance Siena” exhibit and enjoy music, wine, and Sienese food.

Enjoy an Art Safari

Put on by the Rational Gallery, these are all informal tours that take you through a number of trendy, private galleries throughout London. In addition to experiencing little-known galleries, your guide will also take you to the Haunch of Venison and the Photographers’ Gallery. In many tours, you can choose another location you would like to visit.

Visit Tate Britain After Hours

While Tate Britain is a popular spot for visits during the day, have you ever been after hours? This is a unique experience that few Londoners have had, but one they should all try. During the after-hours events, you can relax and enjoy wine while browsing the exhibits, as well as unique talks, live music, and other performances. This takes place on the first Friday of each month and the cost to get in is typically lower than daytime rates.

Partake in a Poker Tournament

A new, trendy activity for Londoners of all ages is to participate in a poker tournament. These tournaments are much more than just a celebration of this game, but also include performances, music, and drink to ensure you enjoy your time. Taking place throughout London, one of the most popular locations is Aspers Casino at The Loft in Olympic Park. Most tournaments last a single day and perfect for those who are searching for something new and unique to experience.

Sign Up with Sweaty Betty

This is a free running club just for women in London. All you have to do is show up and enjoy getting fit and healthy in the beautiful natural areas of London. Not only will you be doing something great for your body, you can also explore the London landscape like never before. This is a unique experience that you are definitely going to want to be a part of.

Enjoy a Brisk Winter Stroll

Organized by London Walks, you can experience London historical locations in a new and intriguing way. Each year, four evening walks are organized and called a “Literary London Pub Walk.” Those who wish to participate will gather at Holborn Tube, where the walk will commence. Other locations where the walks may begin include “Along the Thames Pub Walk” where you will meet at the Blackfriars tube and the “Ghosts, Gaslight and Guinness” walk will meet at Holborn tube. Every evening you can also enjoy the “Jack the ripper Walk” and you will meet at the Tower Hill Tube. Regardless of the weather you can participate in these walks and see London scenery and historic locations in a new and exciting way.

As you can see, even if you have lived in London for your entire life, there are a number of events for you to experience, do and see. In fact, you will quickly discover a new part of London that not only makes you wonder what else you have been missing, but also expands your knowledge of this historic and beautiful city. There is no reason to sit at home, bored thinking you have seen it all. London is full of new and exciting events, venues and historic experiences you don’t want to miss out on.

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